Sunday, March 15, 2015

Plus 1 to the Finn Family

     Well, we have gone and done it!  Ryan and I are adding a little Finn Girl to our family, and we are more than nervous and excited at the same time.

     We found out that we were expecting around mid-October.  It came a little quicker then we were expecting, but we're very thankful and overwhelmed nonetheless.  Thanks to 3 tests that kept coming in positive, very quickly, we were finally convinced.  Before Thanksgiving time we had our 8 week appointment. Ryan was very lucky to have a nice Attending who allowed him to come to the appointment in the morning.

     I told my mom pretty early, because I needed someone to talk me through about what we did haha.  I was still in big denial and just needed someone to chat with, because well Ryan was in pretty big shock as well too.  We weren't going to tell anyone for quite a while, it's easy to keep a secret when your family lives 2500 miles away, but we decided to tell our family on Christmas since they were all together.  Everyone was surprised, to say the least, but excited for us as well.

     I have been very lucky, blessed, and grateful that I have only felt fatigued but nothing else.  I have been able to stay very active in the gym still and been working a ton as well.  I had been convinced that the little peanut was a boy.  But on February 18th, my birthday, we got see find out what the lil peanut was.....a GIRL.  Shocked again, but once we had a few hour to let it sink, the excitement has been overpowering.

Abbi is pretty excited, can't ya tell?

As far as I'm concerned, we will have a little ball player on our hands

Can't wait to meet you lil' one!!!

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